Vehicle Safety Signage


Safety on the road is making sure your drivers and surrounding vehicles are visibly instructed and warned about your vehicle’s limitations. Does your truck make “Wide Turns”? Is your semi properly marked “Fire Extinguisher Inside” as per USDOT regulations? At ALD Mfg., we can help you:

  • 1. Post bold, clear truck and vehicle safety markings to maintain a secure environment for your drivers, co-workers and others who work around your vehicles.
  • 2. Protect other drivers on the road from your large and/or difficult to maneuver trucks by making sure they know the potential hazards of your vehicle.

ALD Mfg. has a broad selection of truck safety signs, decals and flags. Our exclusive re-inforced “Over Size Load” & “Wide Load” signs, for example, have won favor in the industry for their rugged durability against the elements and tear-out.  Don’t compromise safety to save a few bucks. ALD Mfg.’s line of truck and vehicle safety signs ensure you get the high-quality safety signage your drivers deserve.

Vehicle Safety Signage Portfolio