Sports arenas and stadiums are markets ALD Mfg. knows well, since 1992 to be exact.  To stay competitive, your stadium must offer a total sports entertainment experience both on the field and in the environment that surrounds it.

ALD Mfg. is always working to enhance and develop your stadium graphics with eye-catching branding and designs through wall murals, tunnel covers, scoreboard visuals, dugout and bleacher graphics, step signs, concourse advertising and sponsor signage, wayfinding signage and more. Whatever you can imagine, ALD Mfg. can create.  We love working to promote your brand to your fans.

ALD Mfg. has produced stadium graphics for some of America’s favorite sports shrines, even our hometown favorite, The Pro Football Hall Of Fame!

Scoreboards / TriVisions

Wall Murals

Advertising / Sponsors